Chef's Corner

In our Chef's Corner, we bring you a collection of locally developed and internationally indulged Ice Syrup recipes. Choose your favourite Chef or see what other foodies are doing at home. Browse through them, download, print and taste for yourself! We welcome you to send us your creations or visit our facebook page to share your ideas with the world. With limitless possibilities of culinary combinations, Ice Syrup is a must for any kitchen!

Recipes From You

Recipes from youTo celebrate the simplicity of using Ice Syrup at home, here are some of the recipes from everyday chefs like you.

Susur Lee's Corner

Susur LeeFor more great recipes to experiment with and for a little guidance from the Master, check out what Susur Lee has to offer for cooking with Ice Syrup.

Lynn Ogryzlo's Corner

Lynn OgryzloA passion for local, Lynn is inspired by Ice Syrup to devise delicious recipes to indulge! Try them here.